How your Painting Contractor preps before they paint

Please make sure to trim or tie back any bushes and limbs that will get in your way. We will cover nearby plants with drop cloths or tarps. Also, Turn off any air conditioning units, and we will cover them with plastic and tape as needed

Removing unessential items is a must. If you are unable to move the items yourself then we will be more than happy to help. Items that cannot be removed will be masked off or covered with drop cloths.

Stucco cracks on the outside of your home can be cosmetic or structural. We will identify which type they are and offer you the best solution. Trim and stucco repairs are available so make sure to ask us.

Cracks around window and door transitions will be inspected and caulked (where necessary) in order to prevent further degradation. But not to worry, the weather barrier for most windows and doors is inset and should be intact. If you are getting water intrusion through a window or a door frame then ask us about referrals for a licensed repair company.

Most professionals will agree that proper prep is the single most important component in the longevity of a paint job. Conversely, improper preparation can result in almost instant coating failure, and it’ll end up costing you more in the long run. Visit Paint Kings


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